matteo marinelli 2023

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Economy, finance, politics, philosophy

Matteo Marinelli

In every aspect of our lives, there exists an intricate web of cause and effect: and even though the effects are clear to everyone, the true causes often remain hidden. Uncovering the reasons behind events is not an easy task; it requires a blend of diverse information and reflections, mixed and reinforced by one’s personal knowledge. It’s necessary to delve deep, reflect on the results, and verify the validity of one’s hypotheses. In many cases, this task can be challenging, both due to time constraints and a lack of adequate information. However, there are moments when this stimulating challenge becomes surmountable, and it is precisely in those instances that I find my passion.

As a seeker of knowledge, I consider myself a forward-thinking individual, always in pursuit of new projects and opportunities. I aim to invest my experience, time, relationships, and capital in the continuous quest for growth, constantly refining my skills and expanding my horizons. Through my efforts, I hope to create a positive and lasting impact, leaving a mark on the world that resonates with excellence.

In my tireless pursuit of success, I adhere to a motto that encapsulates my ethics: “Everyone is self-made, but only the winners will admit it”. I firmly reject weakness, embracing glory and honor as guiding forces in my journey. It is this mindset that propels me forward, providing the energy needed to achieve any goal I dare to set for myself, inspired also by principles of wisdom and harmony drawn from the ancient traditions.