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The global food crisis incoming - Matteo Marinelli on Ukraine's war

The global food crisis incoming

Ukraine is long been one of the most important countries for food production, as 57% of the country’s land was used for growing crops in 2019, making it one of the most cultivated countries in the world. Furthermore, Ukraine accounts for more than 30% of the world’s production of sunflower oil, widely used in food...
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technical analysis financial markets matteo marinelli

Is technical analysis any different from just guessing?

There are two opposing approaches when it comes to evaluating financial investments: fundamental analysis, and technical analysis. But how is the latter different from just guessing?
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What drives value in the stock market matteo marinelli

What drives value in the stock market?

Long-term investors don't care about short-run price fluctuations, because when they invested their money, they saw value. But what is value?
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Quarto Stato - Pelizza da Volpedo

Authority expands, unlike common sense

Almost two whole years have passed since our daily life was upset, and like a beautiful play in which all the participants are skilled actors, our inner tranquility has been lost along with normality. The media, with their daily numbers, with their last-minute news, and with their incessant need to ride the wave of attention, have...
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Idiocracy: almost a prophecy

It was a gray Sunday like many other autumns Sundays, absolutely boring and uninspiring. I could have gone out, maybe I would have even found something nice to do, but the towering clouds overhead convinced me to stay in home comfort. On the other hand, between study, work, research, and simple routine domestic activities, I...
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Green Pass, obbligo vaccinale e follia collettiva - Matteo Marinelli

Green pass, vaccination mandates, and collective madness

In the last few days, the Italian political debate has gone mad on a thorny issue: the enabling of the green pass as the key to participating in social activities. As always, our beautiful country is basically divided into two opposing factions, favorable and unfavorable, which, between one insult and another, throw at each other...
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Copertina "1984", George Orwell - L'importanza della privacy secondo Matteo Marinelli

Privacy, a freedom denied

Between the end of 2012 and the first half of 2013, a man to whom I would personally like to dedicate this article, concretely showed for the first time in the world a fact that, up to that moment, had been nothing more than speculation by conspiracy theorists: mass surveillance. That man was named Edward...
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