Authority expands, unlike common sense

Almost two whole years have passed since our daily life was upset, and like a beautiful play in which all the participants are skilled actors, our inner tranquility has been lost along with normality. The media, with their daily numbers, with their last-minute news, and with their incessant need to ride the wave of attention, have alternately invoked terror, hatred, sadness, anger, and a sense of guilt. The rulers, intent on writing new letters, communiqués, and rules every day, contributed to the work by fueling confusion, demoralization, and a sense of helplessness. The police, fighting the innocent and showing their backs to the criminals, killed the life force of even the most rebellious, making them resign to the obedience of a power that is too large and complex to be effectively fought. Journalists and, in general, anyone who had the power to create earthquakes through their own words, either were censored or had to silence their innate will. To those who are allowed to see colors in their true nature, nothing seems to have remained but earthly contentment from being in such a condition.

The people were divided, as in two great factions impossible to reconcile, between those who adhered to the narrative without questioning the surrounding architecture, and those who did it, being excluded from society. When I first talked about the vaccine passport, the so-called “green pass”, it was July (link), and I already affirmed how dangerous it was to take that path, as having as a precedent the governmental faculty to arbitrarily exclude one or the other part of society at any time with the ease of a click is a hypothesized suicide even in the worst dystopian novels. And yet, in the end, we got there anyway. First, it was the certificate as a simple certificate, then it became the pass to go to eat indoors, then it became the pass to work. We have gone from being healthy until proven otherwise, to having to prove that we are healthy, at least according to constantly changing criteria, in order to participate in the simplest activities. Meanwhile, the hatred was made to grow: the unvaccinated are absolutely the problem, you have to be eviler. The protests grow, getting bigger and more frequent, more and more people joined them. The police, that meanwhile probably forgot it was made to guarantee societal order and the respect of human rights, react just as vehemently, repressing these protests with tear gas and batons, regardless of whether there were trained boxers or defenseless children in front of them: they are the good guys, the protesters are the bad guys, the bad guys must be punished. With each blow received, a new person joined the protest. For each weeping soul, another came to help. The media remains silent, they try to eliminate the protests by correlating them with an elusive increase in infections, but forgetting to alter their own statistics. But it doesn’t work, and protesting becomes illegal. Few seem to notice the irony of having a liberal democracy that ignores citizens, preventing them from expressing themselves and repressing not aligned views. “Think as you want, but think as us”, they said on the posters posted all over Italy by a group of anarchists a few years ago: visionaries. But everything seems to be fine. Those in favor do not even notice all these problems: newspapers, television news, and “official” news sources behave as if absolutely nothing relevant had happened, the protests are an orchestrated plot to spread hesitation towards the magic serum and Draconian solutions. The others that still see the truth, continue to organize themselves, to create parallel societies. In all regimes, the two fundamental issues for resistance were information and organization: the first because it is controlled by the regime itself, the second because it is persecuted and dangerous. Fortunately, the free internet has made both of these difficulties irrelevant.

The people are even more divided, they are calling for new measures to safeguard Christmas, they do not want to risk sharing the joy with those inhuman dissidents. A new form of the pass is born, the conditions of which are more stringent than the previous one, which is quickly made mandatory to do even the simplest of things. We are now at the beginning of January and without a pass, the only things left to do are stay at home, walk or move on their own vehicles, enter the hospital, pharmacy and supermarket. Then, in reality, going to the hospital can only be done alone, because ambulances always find a multitude of traffic when the person to be rescued does not belong to the right faction. With the original pass, obtainable with a rapid test to prove one’s health status, or with any number of doses lower than the required by government, a number that changes very quickly and with an unprecedented arbitrariness, instead, you can access essential services, personal services (hairdresser, bank, post office, public office, etc), outdoor pubs, universities, and some workplaces. With the enhanced pass (ndr In italian “Green Pass Rafforzato“), you can do everything, but only as long as you constantly remain in compliance with the number of doses desired by the government, even if the latter changes to a value higher than the healthy threshold. Unfortunately, however, not even the total obedience to which one must prostrate oneself in order to obtain this last pass, exempts him from the arbitrariness with which the restrictions on movements, activities, and life in general change. And, however, your pass may expire, or it may be invalidated if the government thinks it was obtained illegally. Democracy! It must be fun to witness the inner speeches in the head of those, who still cannot see the truth, to try to justify all this and consider it alright. They get angry, they hate, they accuse dissidents of being parasites: then the government increases the number of doses required, their pass expires, and they are forced to live like the subhumans they criticized so much. What humiliation, what sadness. 

But that’s not all, because although I am nobody to be able to judge the health aspects of all this political theater, the structure that was created for social control was absolutely premeditated, and I can affirm with certainty that it will not go away soon either. There is no single government in history that has taken liberties from citizens, and then delivered them back as soon as they were no longer needed. I smile at those who still think that all this is temporary, but at the same time I feel sorry for them: they will have a bitter surprise, even if I don’t know if that moment will come when they will no longer be able to access their current bank account because they do not comply with the government requirements, or when they will get old and look back. But, on the other hand, we are in the ninety-sixth week of the “two weeks to flatten the curve”.

What are the next steps? In Australia they built the first “quarantine camp”, nothing less than a classic German-style concentration camp with a name more suitable for public acceptance, in which all non-vaccinated positives are forcibly placed, preventing them from having contact with friends, relatives and loved ones of all kinds, and forcing them to stay there by armed threat. It would not surprise me if this innovation also arrived in Europe, as a sort of muscle memory. The funny thing is that although the unvaccinated are imprisoned in this camp, they are still blamed for the infections in the big cities. Similarly, although in Italy the unvaccinated are completely prevented from accessing almost any form of social aggregation, they are still blamed for the infections. Through a perfect doublethink, no one seems to see anything strange, evidently the logic belongs only to dissidents. Honestly, I don’t think this is the kind of society we want to move forward to. I don’t think we want to live with the constant hope that the current government will allow us to live, under penalty of exclusion from society. I do not think that it is healthy insisting with hatred towards those who, in the benefit of their mental faculties, have had a different position from ours: we must not fall into Hate towards Goldstein. Furthermore, I don’t even think it’s a great life worth living one where it is impossible to plan for the future: between absurd restrictions, terrifying new variants, changing laws, changing vaccination requirements, how can be life organized? And, above all, I don’t think it is wise to have a document signed by the hierarch in charge to be able to live. Everything’s quiet. The tech giants, primarily Alphabet and Facebook (which is now called Meta, but maintains the exact same horrible characteristics as before), enjoy the thought of a society dictated by social control by means of digital certificates. I would not be surprised if one day the pass also serves to access the internet and is revoked if the online activity does not comply with what the government wants. Twitter already does this.

But perhaps, when a new terrible variant will arrive in October 2024, that will also evade the so-called vaccine protection, and will therefore require an octave dose, because those unvaccinated infants prevent the end of the pandemic, there, perhaps we will realize that we have been on the wrong side of history. Too bad, it will be too late. Therefore, I renew my invitation to be human, and to remember that the others are too: do not do to your neighbor what you would not want to be done to you, live and let live. Only by holding on to our humanity, and responding to hatred with indifference or even kindness, will we be able to truly get out of it.

This article was originally written in Italian, you can find that version here.