My projects


Synapser APS

Non-profit organization focused on raising the next generation stronger

Synapser is a private nonprofit organization I founded in December 2019. The organization promotes freedom of thought, and welcomes every citizen that is willing to reach a new level of self, granting him an ambitious and determined environment and, therefore, the ability to increase his own cultural baggage, develop new skills and, eventually, improve himself.


Blackink Research

Democratizing access to quality equity research

A friend of mine and me founded Blackink Research in February 2022 with the goal of providing institutional-grade equity research to retail investors.


Marinelli Group Holdings Ltd

A family office specialized in global macro and FX

In February 2023 I incorporated the company, whose main objective the growth of its NAV through a combination of tactical opportunities and long-term investments. The company also serves as a holding company for my personal present and future ventures. You can learn more at .